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Thursday, 22-Dec-2011 03:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Let the Xbox 360 flying: A different picture for Microsoft Xbox

Earlier of this year, the United States "Fortune" magazine has made a theme about the life length of the household Xbox 360 Console. Among of this, a publicity picture about MicrosoftXbox 360 Controller caused many gamers' attention, what's more, gamers put forward a question that how can take this photos. In fact, these picture in the following is taken successfully mainly with the assistance of New York demolitions expert to finish the pictues. It is said that, in order to finish this pictures,it lost 10 Xbox 360 consles and 8 Xbox 360 wireless controller, thus making gamers like as well as hate. Well, let's share and appreciate these extraordinary and special piatures for Xbox 360.

Monday, 19-Dec-2011 06:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Xbox 360 Upgraded and Decreased The HDD Installed Capacity

According to the gamers which take part in the testing of Xbox Live panel upgrade reported that Microsoft has deceased the XBox 360 Hard Drive installed capacity of Xbox360 game, and the installed required capacity declined obviously of some works .

Installad capacity drops obviously game are "Street Fighter 4" and the beginning "Left 4 Dead". while "BioShock" other works and so on has no significant changes, but for now all 400 types of
xbox 360 games, still have a lot to be retested.

Anyhow, the future of the CD-ROM X360 game installation required space will be more less, although the users still need to use CD to start the game, but the using of hard disk will no doubt some more efficient than the past. In addition, the report shows that while installed capacity declined, but it did not make influence to the effect of reading the game.

Friday, 16-Dec-2011 05:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Xbox 360 Slim 320 GB Hard Drive Is on Sale

Xbox 320GB hard dirve
If your XBox 360 Hard Drive is starting to get too full, have no fear gentle readers, Microsoft has your backs. Between games, movies, TV shows, downloadable content and music, it's pretty easy to see how even theXbox 360 250GB Hard Drive
can be filled. Well Microsoft took note and announced a new, even bigger hard drive - a massive XBox 360 slim 320GB Hard Drive. The new hard drive will be compatible with all Xbox 360 S models, and includes a code to download a full game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

I have to wonder if this new hard drive has anything to do with the recent announcement about Microsoft's partnership with a bunch of media providers for Xbox Live. Could we be able to use this new hard drive as a way to DVR the new TV shows we'll be able to stream to our Xbox 360? It certainly makes sense to me. With all these new sources of media available, having the largest XBox 360 Hard Driveyet just sounds like a no brainer to me.
The new 320 GB Media Hard Drive will now available at:

Thursday, 15-Dec-2011 03:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Read My Lips, Kinect 2!

A new report at end of the November said that the next generation of Xbox will come bundled with the next generation of Kinect - so powerful, it can read lips, or even tell when a user is angry. "Kinect 2 can track the pitch and volume of player voices and facial characteristics to measure different emotional states,the function is much more strong than the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor", says Eurogamer's source.

Any new Xbox console would need a new version of Kinect. The current technology uses USB to transmit data to the Xbox 360, which limits its capabilities. A newXbox 360 Kinect would use a different data connection, allowing for more data to be fed, as well as higher resolutions on the camera itself.

A successor to the
Xbox 360 Console is rumored to be in development, possibly arriving at retailers as early as next year.

Friday, 9-Dec-2011 05:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New Fragfx Shark 360 controller system for Xbox 360

Maybe we’ve known the Splitfish controllers for console gamers and computer gamers before. At the time the company in September of last year when the new FragFX controller system was announced for the PS3, PC, and Mac gamers to take advantage of. The Xbox 360 was left out with the last controller system from Splitfish.

The company is back with a new controller system called the Fragfx Shark 360 and as the name hints this controller is specifically for the Xbox 360 game console The Shark 360 will work on the PC and Mac computers too. The Shark 360 is made to allow the console gamer to have a mouse in one hand and a joystick controller in the other so they can play FPS titles on the Xbox 360 with controls similar to those on the PC.

Splitfish says that this is the perfect controller for the gamer looking at getting the coming new Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty titles. The idea of the mouse controller has the familiar colored Xbox 360 buttons. The Shark 360 is a wireless controller for Xbox 360 that uses a USB dongle to connect to the console with 2.4GHz technology. The controllers are good for 50 hours of play on a charge and support headphones and chat in games as well. Pricing is unannounced and the Fragfx Shark 360 will land in Europe on October 10.

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